One of the main areas of activity of our law firm is legal support of legal entities - providing a wide range of legal services for legal entities (firms, companies, enterprises, etc.).

In general, legal support (accompaniment) includes the compilation of legal documents (contracts, agreements, protocols, claims, claims, complaints, etc.), analysis of contracts proposed for signing, representation of interests in Ukrainian courts of general jurisdiction, economic courts , as well as in other state bodies and institutions, a written explanation of the Ukrainian legislation (oral and written legal advice), the provision of legal opinions and much more ... Here, first of all, we are talking about the jurist services aimed at providing and supporting entrepreneurial (commercial) activities.

Our law firm also provides clients with services both for the initial registration (creation) of legal entities (firms, companies, enterprises - limited liability companies (LLCs), private enterprises (PEs), etc.), and services for making changes in documents of already registered legal entities (amendments to the charter, replacement of founders, manager, activities, addresses).

We also provide services for the registration of branches and representative offices of legal entities, as well as for making changes to their registration documents (the service is provided to legal entities registered in the city of Kharkov - and the branches and representative offices themselves can be registered by us for such legal entities throughout Ukraine ).

Speaking about legal services in the field of corporate law, it is also necessary to note the services for the liquidation (termination) of legal entities and for the closure of their branches, which are also in demand by clients and require considerable comprehensive experience and a good lawyer qualification for their successful implementation.

Our task is to provide clients with competent and timely legal assistance in any legal relationships and at any stage. We work to ensure the stability and development of your business. We will be glad to see you among our clients.
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