Our company renders legal services for foreigners in Ukraine. We will represent your interests in state bodies on issues of registration of documents in Ukraine. We are ready to provide legal advice on marriage in Ukraine, registration and registration of a residence permit and citizenship of Ukraine.

The experienced team of lawyers of Albarwani International specializes in solving problems of foreigners. One of the main tasks of lawyers is to make legal information accessible to all. Citizens of any country can get professional legal advice.

Our help includes the following situations:

Obtaining and renewal of a residence permit in Ukraine
Obtaining Ukrainian citizenship
Legal assistance in marriage registration
Also here you can get professional advice in the following areas:

Medical service
Doing business in Ukraine
Movement on the territory of Ukraine
Civil law
Labor law
Buying and renting real estate in Ukraine
In the company "Albarwani International" foreign citizens can receive both one-time advice and legal support right up to the achievement of the required result. Legal advice is provided with full respect for confidentiality.

Each of the lawyers of Albarwani International has the experience of successfully solving the problems of foreign citizens. Our lawyers will be able to answer all the questions and explain all legal nuances in an accessible, understandable and simple language.

Legal assistance in Albarwani International is available. The lawyers of Albarwani International strive to find a common language with all customers and provide them with clear and accurate information. Legal information should be accessible to all.

Our lawyers are professionals in their field. Lawyers and lawyers have extensive experience in successfully assisting foreigners and effectively solving various problems.

Our lawyers are fully responsible for their words and actions. Albarwani International's lawyers understand that the information and information that is provided to the client can lead them to make difficult decisions. Therefore, our lawyers strive to always provide accurate, complete and timely information. The lawyers of the company Antey are responsible people!
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