Our law firm pays much attention to providing legal assistance to citizens. Here, first of all, it is necessary to mention the provision of detailed legal advice on various issues (civil legal relations: lending, insurance, buying, selling, renting, exchange, gift, loan, inheritance, family relations: marriage registration, divorce, rights and duties of spouses, the legal regime of property acquired in marriage and before marriage, the division of property, the marriage contract, etc.), because the best way to avoid problems is to correctly understand the legal relationships you enter into-their significance, petsifiku and consequences.

Simple legal advice before you do something legally significant or sign a contract - may, in consequence, protect you from many problems and monetary losses. If the problem has already arisen - specialists of our firm will always help you to find the right and optimal variant of its solution.

If you need to correctly and correctly draw up any document (contract, receipt, application, complaint, etc.) - our specialists will help you competently and professionally do it for you.

If your rights are violated and they need to be protected in court - we are also at your service: representation of your interests in court is our job and specialization. We will collect, correctly compile and submit on your behalf all the necessary documents to the court, we will represent and defend your interests in court hearings. If the court has been filed against you, we can also represent and defend your rights and interests in court. As a rule, citizens turn to the court to recover debts (including wage arrears), compensation of material and moral damage, division of property (jointly acquired, inheritance), divorce, the residence of a minor child, recovery of insurance payments, for resolving disputes with employers (unlawful dismissal, late payment of wages), between spouses, neighbors ...

Our task is to provide clients with competent and timely legal assistance in any legal relationships and at any stage. We work to ensure your security, peace and confidence in the future. We will be glad to see you among our clients.
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