The services of the legal company "Albarwani International" are focused, first of all, on comprehensive business services. We are confident that the participation of professional lawyers in the planning, creation, organization and development of business, as well as in its interactions with the state, other market participants, employees, provides business protection, reduces risks, and most importantly - increases the efficiency of all business processes and increases possibilities of the enterprise as a whole.

This approach determines the main principles of the company's work in the provision of legal services:

An integrated approach to each individual problem.
Efficiency and focus on the result required by the client.
Openness and informing the client.
Professionalism, competence and experience of specialists.
The quality of services and the most comfortable conditions for cooperation.
Business in different aspects of its activities enters into various legal zones, falling under the regulation, in fact, of all spheres of law: constitutional, economic, administrative, corporate, labor, tax, civil. For effective protection of business, lobbying of its interests and legal support of all processes, a really strong, prepared and experienced team is needed. We have seen this for a long time, and we have created such a team for high-quality service to our customers.

Among our services:

Registration of enterprises.
Registration of changes.
Contractual activity.
Authorization documents.
Tax law.
Corporate law.
Economic law.
Labor law.
Pre-trial settlement of disputes.
Arbitrage practice.
Executive production.
Legal services.
Foreign companies in Ukraine need constant legal support. Working in a different legislative field raises risks, because there are always two questions before the owner or the manager: what options exist for the solution of the problem, and what opportunities or consequences each option can have in the future. Specialists of Albarwani International provide legal support for many foreign and international companies.
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